Graydon City Dashboard

Evaluating and adjusting the economic policy of cities and municipalities.

The Graydon City Dashboard is an indispensable platform for everyone who wants to know how cities and municipalities are performing and evolving economically. Mayors and municipal and city councils, but also government services, political parties, and consultancy firms will find a wealth of information here.

The Graydon City Dashboard offers you numerous objective insights and up-to-date figures on all Belgian cities and municipalities. In addition to the most important key figures, you will find a wealth of financial and economic information over a six-year period to evaluate the evolution of the local economy.

  • An overview of all active companies within the area
  • Employment figures
  • Insight into the financial health of the local business population
  • Details about migration, start-ups, and closures
  • A benchmarking tool to compare a city or municipality with another location
  • Numerous options for analysis and an export function for downloading up-to-date company data and statistics
  • A comprehensive dashboard with the core figures of the chosen city or municipality
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Unlimited exporting of data and statistics

In addition, the Graydon City Dashboard is a useful tool for exporting up-to-date company data and statistics. That way, you can directly approach the selected companies or include the graphics in reports.

Benchmarking against other locations

The online platform offers the option of benchmarking a city or municipality against comparable cities or (adjacent) municipalities. How does the chosen city or municipality hold up against other locations?

Invest in your success

Do you, as mayor, want to put your mark on the development of your city or municipality? Using the Graydon City Dashboard you can start by obtaining the insights you need to evaluate and influence matters like employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. 

What is success in terms of employment opportunities and entrepreneurship worth to you? The cost of a 12-month licence is dependent on the number of residents in your city or municipality.

  • Up to 10.000 residents: € 3.500 (VAT excl.)
  • 10.000 - 50.000 residents: €5.500 (VAT excl.)
  • 50.000 - 100.000 residents: €7.500 (VAT excl.)
  • +100.000 residents: contact us
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[VIDEO] Graydon City Dashboard (in Dutch)