Graydon Supplier Analysis

Graydon Supplier Analysis

Create a supplier portfolio you can rely on.

If you know how your suppliers are performing in relation to each other, you can approach your supplier management strategically. Don't just look at the general business characteristics and standard processes, but also at the financial characteristics of all your suppliers. The Graydon Supplier Analysis can provide you with these insights.

Your portfolio in relation to the market.

A first important step towards optimal supplier management is gaining insight into your supplier portfolio. How are your suppliers performing relative to the market?

The Graydon Supplier Analysis provides you with insight into, among other things, the risk level within your supplier portfolio, compared to the risk level in the rest of the market. You determine whether your suppliers are performing well or badly on the basis of a number of critical factors. In addition, the analysis also provides insight into the future growth potential. This means that you can also discover the possibilities for the future.

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Your suppliers in relation to each other

In addition to a complete picture of your supplier portfolio, it is also worthwhile to compare your suppliers. The Graydon Supplier Analysis plots all your suppliers from different viewpoints. By ranking them by different characteristics, you can see which suppliers are strategically important to your business, and which suppliers you might want to part with.

Strategic supplier management

In addition to insights into your current suppliers and the performance of these suppliers, the Graydon Supplier Analysis also provides insights into strategic supplier management for the long term. This way you know with which suppliers you can sign strategic partnerships for the future.