Graydon XSeptions Analysis

Graydon XSeptions Analysis

Remarkable situations that require your attention.

You often screen customers and prospects before entering into a business relationship with them. But do you also know what happens within your customer portfolio after you have carried out this screening? With the Graydon XSeptions analysis you get a complete picture of your customers and noteworthy behaviour in the underlying network.

Regularly check your client portfolio for remarkable situations. Not only with your own customers  but also within the network of your customers. This allows you to take timely action to prevent reputation damage and fraud. The Graydon XSeptions analysis helps you with this.

Remarkable situations

The XSeptions analysis screens your network of customer and / or supplier portfolio and the relations connected to that network for remarkable situations. Think of an unusual relocation or recent bankruptcies of directors. Yet XSeptions are not always negative. They can also indicate changes in a company that bring opportunities.

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