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The Multiscore

No two customers are the same. That is why it sounds logical that you would deal with different types of customers in different ways. Or do you apply the same agreements to both your strong and weaker customers? Based on the Multiscore you can now easily differentiate between customers in your portfolio. That way you can implement separate processes.

The Multiscore is built on three pillars (facts, balances and community data) which are each comprised of dozens of variables. Sometimes a fourth pillar is also included in the score. That pillar is internal data, which turns the Multiscore into an instrument that is tailored to your company. 

Watch the video: All you have to know about the Multiscore (only available in Dutch and French)

Screening and segmentation

The Multiscore often forms part of an automated process of customer acceptance and is used, for example, for screening entire customer portfolios. Based on that screening you immediately obtain an insight into the strength (or weakness) of your customer portfolio. It also gives you the opportunity to divide your business relations into different risk categories. Subsequently, you can then establish procedures for each category.
In addition, the Multiscore is a useful tool for segmenting prospects. Isn’t it simply good sense to first approach companies that are performing at their peaks (and thus score high)? That type of company pays on time and, normally, requires less effort to deal with.

In that respect the Multiscore is a valuable score for finance, sales, and marketing.

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Decide quickly and efficiently based on easily interpretable scores

A wealth of information can be obtained from data. It comes down to collecting, combining and analysing the relevant data and then converting it into valuable insights. Preferably in the form of an easy to interpret score, which makes it possible to make quick and efficient decisions.


Graydon has an enormous database with company information and (predictive) scores. All data can be accessed via APIs in your own systems. Once linked, all departments within your company have immediate access to the most recent data. In short, with Graydon's APIs you can quickly and easily integrate business data and scores into the systems and applications you are familiar with.