Graydon MOL - Digitisation and the Race for the Customer

Digitisation and the Race for the Customer

Automated KYC checks are simply faster and more thorough.

Today, prospective B2B customers expect an increasingly efficient and convenient KYC process. They want to get through the customer acceptance process as quickly as possible so that they can quickly move forward with the growth or expansion of their business.

However, because many organisations perform their customer acceptance manually, the KYC process is time-consuming and error-prone. Analysts’ time is more often spent on collecting information rather than analysing it. This means that customer acceptance can take days, or sometimes even weeks.

Organisations therefore need a new approach: automated KYC processes. Automated solutions streamline onboarding to just a few minutes. You will not only be compliant and more efficient, but also deliver an experience that lives up to your customers' expectations. This allows you to take your organisation to a higher level.

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In this Market Outlook Paper you can read about:

  • The inefficiency of manual customer checks
  • The rapid trends in automated processes
  • How modern solutions can help speed up onboarding
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