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Welcome to the Graydon Data Lab!

Graydon takes you into the world of data

Are you sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of available data? There are so many possibilities if you know how to use this data in the right way, but where do you start?

You are certainly not the only one who would like to know how data can be converted into action-oriented insights. That is why we developed the Graydon Data Lab. In two short videos, we will take you into the world of data. We explain, in a simple way, how you can detect fraud early with these analyses and what the impact of the coronavirus crisis is on your portfolio.

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[VIDEO] Fraude solution

Where does fraud take place and how can you identify which companies exhibit characteristics of fraudulent practices? Unfortunately, nowadays, fraud is a persistent societal problem, which can cause both financial and reputation damage. It is therefore very important to respond proactively to this. How? In this video, we explain how you can easily conduct a targeted and in-depth investigation with our fraud solution.

[VIDEO] Shock Resistance Score

Has your client portfolio been affected by the COVID-19 virus? Who has sufficient resources to survive the crisis and what about financial health? The Shock Resistance Score gives you insights into the impact of the crisis. You are able to foresee unexpected things and you always have a clear picture of your customer base. In this video, we explain exactly how this scoring model works.

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