Whitepaper Graydon - A new era for customer acceptance: the decision model

New era for customer acceptance: the decision model

In times where increasing numbers of data sources can be tapped, companies are eagerly jumping on the bandwagon to improve their efficiency in all areas. This in turn explains the success of big data, business intelligence and decision models, which are now making an appearance in the area of customer acceptance.

The time when specialists had to delve at into annual accounts to look at the past is gradually drawing to a close. Companies today want to use the constant flow of data available to look towards the future. So that they can predict which customers and sectors they need to target. Decision models have become the right tool for fulfilling those expectations quickly. They ensure that everyone in the organisation is able to assess the same set of data in the same way.

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The Decision Model whitepaper will explain:

  • What is a decision model and how it is structured
  • What outcomes does it produce
  • How do you implement our decision model
  • 5 benefits of a decision model in the customer acceptance process
  • Who benefits from it
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