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Tailored solutions

Further refine the standard fraud model with your data.

Companies and criminals involved in fraud display specific characteristics and behaviours. There are elements that keep recurring, regardless of the sector in which the fraud occurs. Graydon has collected 65 elements in a standard fraud model.

The standard model indicates the probability that a company has fraudulent intentions and has a prediction rate of 50 to 70%. Yet it is only the basis. By adding your internal data to the standard model, the model is further refined and the prediction rate will be significantly increased.

With its fraud score, Graydon has a strong presence in the banking, automotive and leasing sectors. But the score is also interesting for companies that are active in the insurance world, the energy market, in the telecom and IT sectors and in fact for every company that has ever come into contact with criminal fraud.

Added value

Thanks to a fraud model tailored to your company, your employees will more easily recognise fraudulent cases. After all, the algorithms work faster and take many more elements into account. This frees up more time to investigate any doubts more thoroughly.

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