Decide quickly and efficiently based on easily interpretable scores.

A wealth of information can be obtained from data. It comes down to collecting, combining and analysing the relevant data and then converting it into valuable insights. Preferably in the form of an easy to interpret score, which makes it possible to make quick and efficient decisions.

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The chance that …

A score always refers to "the probability that ...". You can fill in the rest yourself, because almost everything can be predicted today due to the amount of data and the technological possibilities that are available. What do you want to predict? Our data scientists are happy to help you.

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Credit Limit

The credit limit tells you how much cash a company can release in the short term. Use it to make quick, uniform decisions. But beware, it is an advice. A company can score poorly in terms of credit limit, but does not have to be a bad payer. So take several parameters into account.

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Payment Score

Companies with a financially weaker picture can be quite good payers. That is why the payment behaviour and the payment score are a nice addition to the credit limit. Regardless of whether the customer can pay you or not, the payment score tells whether the customer will do so.

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The multiscore bundles all relevant information available to Graydon in one score to assess a company in the medium term in terms of financial health, prompt payment and chances of survival. The multi-score is often part of an automated customer acceptance process and is used, among other things, to screen entire customer portfolios or segment prospects.

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Activity Score

There is a clear link between companies that are barely or not at all active and all kinds of fraud. The activity score measures for each company the extent to which it is truly active. So it is very useful to avoid fraud, but also to better define your target audience. Because why should you spend time, money and energy on companies that have little or no economic activity at all?

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Expected Growth

The Expected Growth score provides a unique indication of the potential growth opportunities of a company. It examines the extent to which a company can finance its own growth, without immediately calling on external capital. Companies simply focus their efforts better on customers and prospects where potential can be found. The growth forecast is therefore ideal for segmentation.

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Graydon Score

The Graydon Score indicates the degree of credit risk. The AAA score is the highest rating and indicates the lowest possible risk. You have every interest in keeping this customer. For companies with a low Graydon score, you can determine a different strategy and approach. Such as cash or up-front payments or avoiding collaboration with such organisations entirely.

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Discontinuation Score

The discontinuation score measures the probability that a company will cease to exist within 12 months. Not so much through bankruptcy, but through dissolution, merger, acquisition and closure. Very unfortunate for all the efforts you have made to keep the customer on board, if it does stop after all, but you can predict this with the discontinuation score.

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Bespoke Scores

Graydon developed a number of generic scores and prediction models based on various data sources. Customers use them to support their decision-making processes. Innovative companies go one step further. They look for customised scores that they can implement to further optimise their internal processes. This ultimate score, which indicates "the probability of ...", ensures that your organisation can take a huge step forward.

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Augur Score

Augur is designed for any type of business. The score ensures better decision making throughout the credit cycle. From providing new credit, monitoring and management of existing accounts, to screening client portfolios for financial health and optimising debt management.

(This score is only vailable in the UK)