Data maintenance & enrichment

Build a database you can blindly rely on.

Most companies work with incomplete or outdated customer and prospect data. Because employees cannot enter all data or cannot keep up with changes due to lack of time. A database that you do not maintain on a daily basis typically deteriorates by up to thirty percent per year. This, of course, hampers the conversion and analysis of data.

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The ideal database

In order to make correct connections, make informed decisions and improve your conversion, your database must be completely and permanently up-to-date. Read how to do this on our wiki page.

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Data maintenance & enrichment

Graydon Cleansing & Enrichment

Every company has one or more databases to file (customer) data. Companies increasingly use their database to make associations, detect patterns, draw conclusions and adjust their policies. This means the database must be perfectly complete and up to date.

Collecting data and converting these to useful information, with the purpose of making well-founded decisions. That sounds great. But if you are missing data, you also miss some connections and you will be on the wrong trail from day one. If you use incorrect, obsolete information, your conclusions may be erroneous and your decisions wrong. This means that your database must continuously be in order.

Graydon Cleansing & Enrichment is the solution to update your customer database, enrich it with essential missing or completely new data and maintain it permanently. A database that is always up-to-date increases your conversion and is the perfect basis for performing analyses. Because you have the correct data and know that you can completely rely on the conclusions.

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