Why Graydon?

Industry insights

Companies from every sector, governments and consumers regularly rely on Graydon's data. As a result, the applications received are very diverse.

In order to grow as a company, it is important that you have the right data and insights. The correct insights differ per sector. Where in one sector there is a need for business insights to be able to comply with laws and regulations, companies from another sector are better served with a solution to quickly onboard new customers. You can read below in the Industry Insights, which insights we can help your sector with. 

Industry Insights should inspire and inform other companies. You need the derived data and detailed insights that Graydon has to make more informed decisions, to avoid financial risks, to map out a strategy, to detect opportunities, or to comply with legal obligations.

Graydon Industry Insights Sectors Business Information

Industry Insights


Companies, both large organisations and self-employed / sole traders, are the main users of business information. Data, analyses and insights enable them to: 

  • manage financial risks 
  • set up separate procedures per customer type to increase efficiency 
  • protect themselves against fraud and rogue (or zombie) companies 
  • attract new customers with growth potential and increase conversion 
  • to comply with legislation and regulations (customer due diligence) 
  • guarantee continuity of deliveries 
  • correctly estimate the reliability of conversation partners 
  • conduct business transparently 
  • gain a better understanding of companies, markets and industries, etc. 


In addition, governments, cities and municipalities are also avid users of information and local insights about companies and sectors. It enables them to evaluate and adjust their (economic) policy. Or - as in times such as the coronavirus crisis - to allocate the right support measures. 


Finally, business information is also interesting for consumers. It gives them security when they are looking for a reliable employer, a contractor or a professional. It will only be your hard-earned savings that go up in smoke if your contractor goes bankrupt or just runs off with your deposit. 

And if you, as an employee, notice that your company is seriously going downhill, it may be time to look for another (financially stronger) employer.