Automotive leasing

The leasing sector is in full swing. Physical sales outlets are doomed to disappear in the long run. Personal contacts are diminishing and digitisation continues to advance. This means that players will have to rely even more on data and insights to make the right decisions in terms of creditworthiness and identification. This process has accelerated with the coronavirus crisis. But the sector also faces other challenges.

Industry insights - Leasing automotive

A single platform to streamline all flows

Checking the identity of customers, checking their creditworthiness and determining the risk of fraud. The entire onboarding process is increasingly carried out digitally. Because more processes are being digitised, fraud is also increasingly emerging. Cars are expensive and are relatively easy to trade. Rogue companies are constantly on the lookout to take their chances. Leasing companies lose a lot of money every year on cars that disappear. The fact that various departments within a company still reside on an island today with their own data and insights does not aid the discovery and exposure of fraudsters. Many players in the sector therefore strive for a single platform within the organisation to streamline all flows.

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Dossier: automotive leasing

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Fraud, a persistent problem

The use of company information to check and continuously monitor financial reliability is standard in the industry. But fraudsters also try to circumvent that control by artificially inflating numbers. Graydon offers maximum support with data and insights, but also practical experience to fill gaps in onboarding. The implementation of flows and custom scorecards take several elements into account. Every player in the sector therefore benefits from a prevention model. Thanks to a combination of different data sources and smart algorithms, it immediately indicates the level of fraud risk. Where employees often check files manually, thanks to automation, they can immediately exclude a number of cases that do not contain suspicious elements. It also gives them more time to investigate doubtful cases more thoroughly and to significantly reduce the total number of claims.

In an ideal scenario, various parties in the sector work together to share fraud information and further fine-tune the model. In this way, the prediction rate increases and the indicators improve for all parties.

Opportunities in the leasing

But it is not all doom and gloom in the sector. There is also a lot of data available that can be used to detect opportunities. For example, Graydon has all possible fleet data in-house, up to individual company level. Do you want to know which companies are ready to make the switch to electric cars? Which companies already have lease cars? And what characteristics do they have? Graydon's fleet data is an unprecedented source of information in the context of prospecting.

You can also count on our support to link your internal data with external data and to build scorecards that take numerous parameters into account. We do everything we can to automate your processes so that you can work more efficiently and proactively.