Public sector

Public sector or government is a broad concept. At state, regional and local level, each organisation involved has its own challenges and priorities. But too little use is made of data and insights to overcome those challenges. In addition, there is a lack of cohesion and organised collaboration at an interdisciplinary level does not always run smoothly. Graydon acts as a reliable partner and catalyst in various transparent public-private partnerships to set up efficient procedures and achieve the best results.

Banking,Finance, Insurance buildings

Data-driven policy making

There is still room to make more data-driven government decisions. Because a great deal of valuable data and information is scattered, policymakers lack the correct action-oriented insights. However, these are necessary to achieve quick, effective results.

Providing ready-made insights in combination with the use of the latest technologies makes Graydon a valued partner. We deliver measurable results in public-private partnerships to evolve from blind to data-driven policy making.

Towards an organised government

The government landscape is very fragmented. For example, anyone who is actively involved in law enforcement or wants to tackle the coronavirus crisis cannot do this alone, but will need support and insights from other stakeholders in the context of a multidisciplinary investigation. There is added value for every organisation if all available information is shared on one central platform. Where one service knows what the other service is doing. Only when that is possible will you get an efficient public organisation that is also able to pursue an unambiguous policy.


Graydon provides action-oriented insights, so that governments and local authorities can work faster and more effectively. Among other things, an advantage in general enforcement, where authorities often look for a needle in a haystack. But why spend time and energy on files that cannot be blamed in any way on the basis of an automatic screening? By working purposefully and efficiently, you free up time to focus on the files that do require your attention.

Graydon also strives to combine as many relevant and qualitative data sources as possible in a safe, transparent and legally correct manner in order to provide better insights. That requires trust and we work on it every day.

In addition to customisation, off-the-shelf solutions such as the Graydon City Dashboard, the Shock Resistance Score, and our solutions to proactively detect malicious practices are in regular use by various local authorities and government agencies.