Temporary employment

Temporary employment is a collective term for services that have to do with the provision of flexible labour and bringing together supply and demand on the labour market. In a continuously changing market, the use of data makes it possible to better understand and coordinate the interaction between this supply and demand side.

The temporary employment market serves a social purpose in utilising employment. Moreover, in many cases the sector takes over the administrative burdens and financial risks of the rest of the business community. Consider, for example, the takeover of the back office or remuneration and the pre-financing of personnel. In that context, working capital is of crucial importance to companies in the sector. Data-driven work is therefore necessary to be able to do this at the lowest possible risk and at a competitive rate.

Graydon expertise in the temporary employment industry

Responsible pre-financing of personnel

Graydon has been collecting data on the financial health of organisations since 1888. From the moment flexible work was introduced in the 20th century, Graydon's data and insights have been indispensable in the pre-financing of personnel. You can contact us for insight into continuity risks (such as credit risks or fraud risks) when doing business with a specific client.

Do you have credit insurance? As a subsidiary of Atradius, we are also a preferred partner for a large number of insured organisations in the market. You can therefore also contact us for credit limits and reports from organisations all over the world.

Today we see that the acceptance process is increasingly being pushed forward. By automating the process, commercial representatives can make independent decisions in a data-driven way. That way, they don't have to waste time and energy on potential customers who are not creditworthy. And finance also wins, because they will be much less concerned with the follow-up of defaulters.

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Dossier: temporary employment

This dossier must be a source of information and inspiration to other companies in the sector.

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To work more efficiently

Data from all kinds of sources flows through ERP systems that are interconnected. From the registration of the candidate to the invoicing of the employer or client. Automating processes and administrative tasks can relieve you of a huge burden. You want to spend as little time as possible on manual work and recurring tasks. This way you can fully focus on the candidate. Graydon offers options to automate the following processes and tasks:

Do you also want to work more efficiently? And do you always want a complete picture of the organisations you do business with, from the front to the back office? Graydon is available in the best and most widely used software packages that the market offers. Contact our sector specialist for more information.

Data-driven work

Almost all elements that determine supply and demand in the labour market can nowadays be described in terms of data. Partly thanks to the linking of external data (e.g. data from the VDAB), we can generate action-oriented insights that respond to supply and demand. This means that, based on those insights, we can link the right candidates and profiles to the needs of the business market.

Risks to one person may be opportunities to others. Consider the impact of a pandemic such as COVID-19 or other disruptive market developments and trends.

Graydon has long been involved in collecting as much relevant data about individual organisations as possible. This also makes the Graydon database the ultimate source of insights about sectors and the market as a whole. Job profiles, competence profiles, but also the company profiles of the organisations that create work, are getting more extensive every day. The trail of data that these employees and employers leave behind over time forms today's labour market data.

Do you have a research question? Then you can contact us for scores, insights and predictions about your business relationships and the market.