Credit management

The Credit manager has the important task of structurally reducing Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and depreciations, collecting business and credit information and aiding the organisation to identify risk. In addition, they must constantly keep an eye on further optimisation of operational duties. That means setting up processes more efficiently, automating and handling problems or complaints in a customer-oriented way.

Graydon creditmanagement profile

It is also up to the credit manager to provide the organisation with insights and analysis about customers, prospects and markets, which contribute to optimising working capital and maximising profit margins. In this sense, the credit manager will work closely with, among others, the sales organisation.

A customer portfolio shouldn't actually hold any secrets for a credit manager. Due to the current economic climate in which outstanding receivables and payment terms are not always respected, the challenges for the credit manager are nevertheless great. In addition, the field is becoming increasingly complex due to globalisation and strict laws and regulations. Although, nowadays there are more and more parts of the job package that are taken over by other profiles in the company.

Relevant topics

  • Future of credit management
  • Trade credit fraud
  • Risk & compliance


  • Economic and financial situation
  • Laws and regulations
  • Optimisation of working capital / liquidity


  • Margin management
  • DSO reduction - Optimising Days Sales Outstanding
  • Asset management
  • Process efficiency

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