Finance management

As a fully-fledged business partner who thinks along and guides, finance makes an important contribution to the results of the organisation. It translates insights and market information based on financial and business knowledge.

Graydon Solutions Finance Management

Thinking from opportunities, legislation and risk management, it provides insight into the financial impact of commercial and operational plans. The competitive market is only increasing the pressure on turnover and profit. The optimisation of working capital is also high on the list of priorities. Keeping the Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) as low as possible is essential. Controlling margins, managing assets and complying with laws and regulations (compliance) are further among the most important challenges for finance.

Relevant topics

  • Margin management
  • Asset management
  • Risk & Compliance


  • Economic and financial situation
  • Laws and regulations
  • Requirements from the market


  • Increase working capital
  • DSO reduction - Days Sales Outstanding
  • Realize process & cost efficiency
  • Improve results - sales, margins, EBIT

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