Risk management

Risk management includes identifying, monitoring and controlling various risks within the company. They can be of a different nature. Risks can be linked to reputation and compliance or, for example, be financially, operationally or strategically related.

Graydon Solutions Risk Management

Risk management advises in this area, establishes a risk control framework and monitors compliance with laws and regulations. It screens new and existing customers, suppliers, partners and entire networks for creditworthiness, payment behaviour, company structure and the reliability of stakeholders and owners.

In that context, the government and financial regulators have imposed more and more rules on financial institutions, among others, in recent years. However, the legislation is complex, difficult to decipher and adjustments follow each other quickly. This is where the greatest challenge for risk management lies, because the fines for violations are not minor. Other hot topics for risk management are compliance efficiency, risk management, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and above all keeping up with new laws and regulations.

Relevant topics

  • Keeping up with laws and regulations
  • Improve risk & compliance
  • Manage risks


  • Laws and regulations
  • Media
  • Government pressure for Corporate Social Responsibility


  • Make an analysis of the customer portfolio
  • Efficient analysis of the shareholders and ownership
  • Shareholder control

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