Graydon Network incl. XSeptions

Graydon Network incl. XSeptions

Underlying networks and unusual behaviours in a single overview.

If you – in any way whatsoever – want to be truly well-informed, it is essential that you look beyond the surface for individual companies. Do you know what the underlying network of directors and companies looks like? And what unusual behaviours are occurring?

It is always a time-consuming and complex process to map the tangle behind the company you’re doing business with (or want to do business with). And then, you haven’t even begun to look at any irregularities that might be occurring within that spiderweb. As such, raw data is of little value. That is why Graydon Network incl. XSeptions provides you with dynamic insights.

What is Graydon Network incl. XSeptions?

With Graydon Network incl. XSeptions, you’ll receive a complete overview of the network of directors and companies that are connected to your business relation. It also screens first- and second-degree connections for a number of notable situations. These unusual facts often reflect risks and possible fraudulent activities, but they also uncover opportunities that may arise within a cluster of companies.

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With Graydon Network incl. XSeptions, you are protecting your company against unexpected risks, while also gaining insights into the opportunities that may be present within a group structure, without having to manually analyse the information for each company in the network.

Finance and credit control

Graydon Network incl. XSeptions goes beyond the one-to-one relationship. You see more, you know more. So, this is an ideal tool for customer and supplier acceptance. Stop taking risks, start taking rationalised decisions.

Compliance, due diligence and fraud

To be compliant, or to avoid fraud losses and reputational damage, it is not sufficient to look at the information about an individual company. To protect your company against these elements, you need a complete overview of the underlying network and unusual behaviours. Companies in sectors with an above average risk of fraud (leasing, automotive, insurance, ...) particularly benefit from the insights this solution offers. In addition, the solution helps meet the regulatory obligation companies have within the framework of due diligence. As such, Graydon Network incl. XSeptions is an indispensable application in the compliance process.

Sales and marketing

With Graydon Network incl. XSeptions, you avoid cannibalisation within your customer portfolio. In addition, the clear and visual presentation of the network of connected persons and companies offers you insights into the financial strengths (or weaknesses) of the group. You’ll undoubtedly discover new opportunities there as well.

For risks and opportunities

Imagine how much time you can save using Graydon Network incl. XSeptions. You no longer have to manually investigate each individual company to be able to map the group structure. With one push of a button, you’ll immediately receive a complete view into the network hiding behind a company, including an indication of suspicious behaviour (both positive and negative). Behaviour that you would otherwise be guaranteed to miss, but that could pose a risk or provide an opportunity to your business. On the one hand, there is no better way to protect your company from unnecessary risks and malicious interlocutors. On the other hand, there is no better support for discovering new opportunities.

Graydon Network incl. XSeptions is a useful tool for every company. The solution has now become commonplace in various echelons of a company. From finance and credit management, via fraud prevention and detection, to sales, marketing and procurement.